Mini Paintings

posted on 20 / 8 / 2015

Little shop update today. These 8 paintings are now available to buy! Here’s a link! They’re each priced at £15 so now’s a good opportunity to treat your growing art collection to a little original drawing. They come signed and dated on the back.


sketchbook time

posted on 1 / 8 / 2015

I have a habit of buying myself beautiful (and sometimes not very practical) sketchbooks… and then not using them. I’m pretty sure I’ve even mentioned that on here before – I’m just not a very active sketchbook user. I’ve met many creative folk who are the same – we get an idea and if there’s a pen or piece of tatty paper to hand we’ll scribble something down (the thought of committing a horrible scribbly drawing like that to a beautiful professionally bound book… just doesn’t bear thinking about). In most cases though we skip that bit and start making whatever it is we have in mind.

Well… that doesn’t change the fact I have a handful of beautiful (and until very recently unused) sketch/note books. I decided enough was enough and if you follow me on instagram you’ll probably recognise some of the doodles from last week. The book I’m using at the moment has terrible “rustic”/handmade like paper in. The kind that’s lovely to look at but the moment you put a pen anywhere near it… it starts giving up on the world and falls to bits. To make it user friendly I spent an afternoon coating the pages with some acrylic paint (a hair dryer comes in handy). Now the paint pens I use don’t destroy the pages, hurrah!

Anyway, here’s how it’s going so far. :)

beads beads beads!

posted on 21 / 7 / 2015

Shop update! The hand painted necklaces have landed!

Very limited stock! 6 new necklaces can be found in the Audrey and Illya shop and another handful are heading over to the Handmade Nottingham Shop bright and early tomorrow morning.

drum roll…

posted on 16 / 6 / 2015

We’ve got an exciting announcement to make. Audrey and illya are becoming a family of 3!! No… me and Leanne are not adopting BUT our incredibly talented friend, Sarah Ormanroyd , is joining the Audrey and Illya gang!! This means a MASSIVE shop update and here’s a peek at some of the beautiful handmade goodies Sarah will be launching this week. YES!

I’m in a film!

posted on 2 / 6 / 2015

Pleased as punch! The talented film maker, Tom Walsh, got in touch and asked if I was up for participating in a mini documentary about my work and my art practice. I said “hell yeah!” or something similar and hey presto! It’s LIVE!!! Here’s a link! So so so honoured to be part of this ongoing mini doc series Tom’s working on! More, MORE!

new necklaces!

posted on 11 / 5 / 2015

These pretty things have been popular in the Handmade Nottingham shop so I’ve made a few extra and put them in the Audrey and Illya shop! Hurrah!