important avocado

posted on 27 / 1 / 2015

How do you eat yours?


posted on 23 / 1 / 2015

To kick start the new year I started working on some new portraits. I even started a sketch a day project (that lasted only 2 days). I’ve also been having a little painting clear out so if you want to find yourself a bargain take a peek at some of my current instagram pictures (username = @amyjpeg).

Below are some of the paintings for sale at the moment…

Orkney Adventure

posted on 20 / 1 / 2015

I went up north to visit my mum in Orkney. I love my Orkney adventures and it always tugs at the heart strings when it’s time to come home again. I survived the storms (they were fun – never experienced a winter thunder storm before!). So many plane delays, so much coffee consumed, so many beautiful sights and so much fresh air (100mph+ winds). Absolutely magical place. Already plotting my Autumn return trip…

First and last!

posted on 31 / 12 / 2014

This appears to be my first a last post for December (not to mention, 2014!!). It’s been a busy busy busy month and I’m sure I’m not only one who’s come close to weeping into their bowl of rice crispies pleading for “more tiimmme, where did all the time go?? I just want to sleeeep, whhhhhyyyyyyyyy god whyyyyyy??”.

Since I’ve been such a silent spoil sport on the blog front this post is my apology and a little montage to the month I was born in and the one I’m so utterly rubbish at managing my time in. I’ve included some highs and lows but mainly highs and some of my favourite instagrams. In a nutshell…

From the word go I said goodbye to one of the powerful women in my life, Rhonda Wilson. I called her “parental unit number 3″ as a kid and she will forever be a spark of inspiration and strength my my heart and memory. “Believe and it will happen”. (Not sure who to credit the photo to, I didn’t take it. I’ll update this post with details in the new year).

At some point I turned 30. 30 is good. I’m officially pretending my 20′s never happened, because seriously what’s the point? 30′s so much better. I got utterly spoilt by my chums and we ate a curry to celebrate. They unleashed party poppers and I turned into a beetroot and sat frantically trying to *shush* them. I did some awesome craft fairs with my crafty companion (one in London too, ooo err). We made new friends and ate burgers and drank a well deserved beer to while away the time until our train.

Next came the epic boscotti bake-off. I must’ve made 50 million, easily… My oven didn’t know what hit it. The biscotti was a success! Christmas was also a success. I spent it in the countryside cuddling a cat and a puppy (shh don’t tell illya…). Hope you all had a splendid festive season with plenty of something you really and truly enjoy!

I watched the Downton Christmas Special. TWICE. And I wasn’t the only one…

After Christmas I locked the doors and dusted off my neglected paint brushes and treated myself to a couple of days of doodling…

… and that, m’dears, is about it! I’m off to put a frock on and get my pj’s ready.

Have a blimmin’ lovely evening. See you in 2015!

more mittens!

posted on 12 / 11 / 2014

It’s been a mitten making factory over at Fort Ferngill these past few months. I’ve been putting off the dreaded task of knitting all the thumbs (that’s the fiddly bit) but finally finished this batch, phew! There are a whole bunch of new colours AND a slightly bonkers odd neon pair to liven things up. They’re all in the shop!

ALSO I’ve topped up the sale mittens – Some of the fingerless mittens from last winter are now up for grabs and only £10! Here’s a link!

2014 fairs!

posted on 5 / 11 / 2014

Looking for some Audrey and Illya treats this winter? Here’s where you can find us!

  • Bird In Borrowed Feathers Winter Market – November 22nd & 23rd.
  • Craft, Design, Contemporary at Nottingham Contemporary – December 5th (preview night!), 6th and 7th.
  • Crafty Fox Market, PECKHAM, ONE DAY ONLY! – December 13th.

Looking at all the talented folk involved it’s safe to say our wallets are completely and utterly doomed. Come and deliver yours to the same fate!