Guest Pinner – Flow Magazine!

posted on 1 / 10 / 2015

Hey! I’m the guest pinner for Flow Magazine this month! Pop over and check out some of the snazzy pins I’m sharing – Here’s a link!

I’ve been looking forward to this and it’s the perfect time of year to bombard you with glorious pictures of fancy knitwear and illustrations to match. I’m also off on my travels to Orkney next week to visit the mothership so expect plenty of holiday snaps too. Hope you enjoy!

behind the scenes..

posted on 22 / 9 / 2015

If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably already seen these pictures but I thought it’d be nice to show one of the portraits taking shape. I get asked a lot what kind of paint I use and what surface I paint onto. Easy peasy – Acrylic and Greyboard. Why Acrylic? Because I’m pretty clumsy sometimes and a bit lazy too… Why Greyboard? I have a lot of it stashed away in the studio and it’s a really nice surface to paint on. Boom!

Speak soon!

Three new portraits..

posted on 21 / 9 / 2015

The change in weather appears to have brought with it some new portrait inspiration! These 3 appeared in the studio last week and will be available as limited edition prints in the Audrey and Illya shop over the next couple of days – just awaiting some new paper stock.

Before the week is out the top 2 paintings will be on show and available to purchase exclusively at the stunning URSA MINOR shop located at number 3 Cobden Chambers, Nottingham. There will also be a handful of prints up for grabs too so head on over and take a peek (oh and buy everything there because it’s awesome).

Have a lovely day!

birthday time!

posted on 2 / 9 / 2015

New slide I designed for Broadway Cinema’s birthday celebrations! The big 25! Hip-hip-horray!

Mini Paintings

posted on 20 / 8 / 2015

Little shop update today. These 8 paintings are now available to buy! Here’s a link! They’re each priced at £15 so now’s a good opportunity to treat your growing art collection to a little original drawing. They come signed and dated on the back.


sketchbook time

posted on 1 / 8 / 2015

I have a habit of buying myself beautiful (and sometimes not very practical) sketchbooks… and then not using them. I’m pretty sure I’ve even mentioned that on here before – I’m just not a very active sketchbook user. I’ve met many creative folk who are the same – we get an idea and if there’s a pen or piece of tatty paper to hand we’ll scribble something down (the thought of committing a horrible scribbly drawing like that to a beautiful professionally bound book… just doesn’t bear thinking about). In most cases though we skip that bit and start making whatever it is we have in mind.

Well… that doesn’t change the fact I have a handful of beautiful (and until very recently unused) sketch/note books. I decided enough was enough and if you follow me on instagram you’ll probably recognise some of the doodles from last week. The book I’m using at the moment has terrible “rustic”/handmade like paper in. The kind that’s lovely to look at but the moment you put a pen anywhere near it… it starts giving up on the world and falls to bits. To make it user friendly I spent an afternoon coating the pages with some acrylic paint (a hair dryer comes in handy). Now the paint pens I use don’t destroy the pages, hurrah!

Anyway, here’s how it’s going so far. :)