back in the studio!

Woah nelly, what a week! The house move is complete and today is my first day back in the studio doing something that's NOT HOUSE RELATED! PHEW!

I have to admit, I've probably inhaled a fair few dust bunnies this past week and it's made my brain grind to a halt. But, oh boy, it feels good to be back..

Today, rather than start from scratch I decided to play around with some recently started (and temporarily abandoned) paintings - there's an ever growing stack of these forming in the studio, I don't suppose any of you lot do that too?? I think a good portion of my brain is in 'recycle and adapt' mode (I've been using blocks of soap to prop windows open in the new place and building useful things out of boxes of books - THAT kind of mode). So today I decided to adapt a portrait I'd begun a few weeks back (of course my dusty brain forgot to snap a before photo - that would've actually been quite an interesting comparison... I'll do that next time). For those curious I'm using my acrylics on greyboard instead of my paint pens. I just really fancied taking my time a bit with this picture, slow things down a bit after so many hectic weeks... I'm so pleased with the results.