happy 2017!

I'm no good at new years resolutions and making (more importantly 'keeping') promises to improve myself throughout the year. By day 4 (which is today!) I most certainly would've abandoned ship and carefully hidden those resolutions under the sofa along with all the rogue Christmas decorations the cats been squirrelling away..

What I have decided to do though is give myself 2 things to think about this year, something to focus on when I can feel my thoughts wandering, which they do... A LOT.

Change is good. - I am a creature of habit, everyone who knows me knows that. Last year I set about initiating some pretty big changes for the new year. It's time to stir things up a bit! (I'm so ready and not ready at the same time, ha!). I put my house on the market, I'm looking into moving my studio out of the home and I've started having some pretty big clear outs - definitely keep your eyes peeled on the shop and my instagram account! There will be art for sale!

Create. - I'm going to make stuff... I know that sounds like a cop out because I'm always making stuff. I don't think I ever really stop making stuff. BUT for now I'm going to try and stop questioning too much why I do make stuff and just let myself enjoy making all that stuff. Making stuff is what I do. I LOVE MAKING STUFF!

So here's my first painting of 2017. May this year be creative and entertaining! Bring it on.