Custom kitties

Last month my friend asked if I’d do a custom portrait of her sisters kitty for a wedding gift – TA DA!!! Here’s the picture of Delia the cat. I love drawing cats (that’s stating a fact though isn’t it). Would any of you be interested in commissioning a custom kitty?

Email me for details/quotes! :)

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One Response to “Custom kitties”

  1. amy blackwell says:


    I often get mixed up with you as I’m a designer too (of a webby nature). I haven’t claimed your website as my own, even though it’s MUCH better than mine. I’ve been meaning to buy something from you for ages based solely on the name thing, which is a little sad I suppose! But I just spotted that you do custom cat pictures. How much are they? I have a brilliant cat called Bert & I’d love a picture of him.